• System integration for security projects

    The public security business of CEIEC Fullgain is designed to guarantee normal operation of the country. Through information technology, artificial intelligence and communication technology, the key information of core systems is sensed, analyzed and integrated. Through real-time monitoring, comprehensive analysis and emergency response of border areas, cities and network, the country’s capacity of responding to natural disasters, human-factor accidents and terrorist attacks is improved, enhancing citizens' confidence in health, safety, economic development and government's administration.
  • Implementation and operation services for overseas projects

    CEIEC Fullgain has professional language talents, technical talents and project management talents, so that it can provide specialized project management for the implementation of overseas projects, communicate effectively with the owner and the construction party, and carry out real-time control over the progress, quality, cost and risk of the whole project to ensure the smooth implementation of the project. In addition, we have set up a scientific and standardized operation and maintenance system, and a professional and efficient operation and maintenance team. With effective strategies, the company can escort projects under construction and finished projects by implementing process management.
  • Integration for intelligent transportation system

    The intelligent transportation business of CEIEC Fullgain focuses on people's livelihood needs such as public travel and transportation security. Advanced information technology, data communication and transmission technology, electronic sense technology, control technology and computer technology are effectively integrated and applied to the whole ground transportation management system, so that a real-time, accurate and efficient integrated transportation management system, which plays an important role in a wide range and all-round way, can be established, including road transportation management, public transportation management, expressway management and electronic toll collection etc.
  • Integration for international trade service

    CEIEC Fullgain’s integration business for international trade service mainly involves domestic electric appliances, electronic information products, office furniture, building materials and the import and export of technologies, and covers the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and America, the Middle East and Africa. At present, the company has gradually developed a comprehensive pluralistic mode for its international trade. With rich professional foreign trade experience and high-quality service, the company wins the recognition of domestic and foreign customers, and achieves stable development.