Commencement Ceremony of CISP of Angolan National Public Security

Release date:2017-10-18

At 15: 00 pm of October 16, 2017 local time, the Commencement Ceremony of CISP of Angolan National Public Security, to be constructed by China Electronics Import & Export Company (CEIEC) and involved with CEIEC Fullgrin, was started.

After completion, the central garrison headquarters in Ho Chi Minh Road,Luanda, the central hub of Angolan national public security, will be the first comprehensive support system for social security in the African continent. The system will integrate the resources of seven functional departments such as police, transportation, fire-fighting and medical care. The three-level emergency response of country, province/city and police station will be set up. Video monitoring, transportation electronic police and key vehicle distribution control are distributed throughout the country, so as to realize the joint handling of the cross-department and cross-region emergency events.

(Group Photo of Wang Jianxun, Manager of CEIEC Angolan Project and Director of Ministry of Interior in the Commencement Ceremony)

(Entrance of Civil Engineering Company)

(Luanda Temporary Control Centre established in August)

(Political dignitaries arrived Temporary Control Centre and Police Hall)