Ecuador ANT delegation visited our company

Release date:2015-06-28

On the morning of June 27, 2015, Zhai Zhe, ANT Project Manager of China Electronics Import & Export Corporation, and Technical Director Zhang Xiao accompanied Ecuadorian exploratory mission for a three-day, short but rich visit to Shenzhen and Guangzhou. The main purpose of this ANT exploratory mission was to further know CEIEC head office, branches and manufacturers and enable the Ecuadorian side to enhance the confidence in the present and future project cooperation; to further know the specific situation of the whole ANT project, carry out on-the-spot investigation to R & D and production of the factories, and conduct communication on the whole status of the first-stage project; to know other new products in the field of transportation and explore new projects.

During this visit, the backbone of Project Department of our company, led by Chief Engineer Jin Leihong, accompanied two Ecuadorian guests, Cristian Miranda (ANT Project Manager) and Henry Ruilova (Consultant) to our cooperative partner Streamax Technology Co., Ltd., to visit its R & D Department, production workshops, QC process and so on. With a deeper understanding of R & D and production process of the equipment used by China Electronics Import & Export Corporation and our company in the ANT project of Ecuador, Ecuadorian side enhanced confidence in our product quality, and were more firmly convinced that China Electronics Import & Export Corporation was a reliable and trustworthy partner of multiple projects in Ecuador! After that, they went to the vehicle simulator experience store, visited and experienced the advanced driving simulator. After arriving in Guangzhou, Liu Zhenxi, General Manager of our company, accompanied the foreign guests to visit the vehicle detection line and intelligent transportation ETC, etc. to make a preliminary investigation for future new projects.

In the end, a meeting was held in the convention hall of our company on the morning of June 29. The two sides exchanged their ideas and summed up the visit. Ecuadorian side was very satisfied with the arrangement of this visit, and expressed sincere thanks to the head office and our company. And they expected that the ANT second-stage project would be promoted and completed successfully as soon as possible, and looked forward to further cooperation in new projects!