Ecuadorian President Came to the Opening Ceremony of the CEIEC Tulcán Center

Release date:2014-09-03

At 16: 00 p.m. of September 2, 2014 local time, Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, accompanied by Fernando, new Minister of Security, Caesar Nagas, 911 Minister, political dignitaries and celebrities, came to the Tulcán ECU 911 Center, constructed by China Electronics Import & Export Corporation and involved with CEIEC Fullgrin, and participated in the opening and ribbon cutting ceremony of the ECU 911 Center.

President Correa visited the alarm-receiving and dispatching hall, video monitoring room, conference room, office area etc.. In the alarm-receiving and dispatching hall, the president received the introduction of the construction process and current operation of the Center by Caesar Nagas, 911 Minister, and expressed high recognition to the Chinese engineers for their exquisite technology and dedication.

At 16: 20 of the same day, the president made a passionate speech. In particular, the president thanked CEIEC including all CEIEC technical experts and civil engineering staff for their sweat and effort during the construction of the centre, and stressed the great role that the centre would play in the future national security, the fight against crime, the protection of people's property, and medical security. In addition, the people of Ecuador would benefit effective rights and interests from it. The president also said that the importance of the ECU 911 Project was unprecedented throughout the country, even in Latin America.

Tulcán ECU Centre is the last sub-regional standard centre of the second phase of CEIEC Ecuadorian 1101 Project, which mainly serves Caffa Province. With the support and guidance of leaders and the efforts of experts, it took only two weeks for the center to be officially operated from the date when Chinese experts entered the site to July 13 when electricity could be used. At midnight August 3, Tulcán Center officially started to access 911 emergency call. The complete alarm-receiving and dispatching process was realized, which opened the prologue to guarantee the security and prevent hazards. Since the operation of Tulcán Center, 150 calls are received every day averagely, and 4788 cases have been handled. The cameras in the whole province are monitoring all day long and play a key role in ensuring the public security of the province.

The company's employees who were involved in the project management of Tulcán Center participated in the opening ceremony.